Tenant jailed for growing excessive amount of cannabis in rented Leeds property

A tenant who grew more cannabis than could have been for personal use in his rented Leeds home has been jailed.

Junior Cousins grew 33 cannabis plants in tents in a property on Brunswick Street in Holbeck and told police he used it for medicinal purposes.

Police had been contacted by the landlord of the house on July 23 this year.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court that officers found a tent in the first floor bedroom containing 16 plants.

The tent was fitted with high-powered lights and an air filter system.

Mr Ritchie said: "Instructions relating to the cultivation of cannabis plants were found fastened to the wall with feeding dates."

A tent containing seven large plants was also found in the attic along with ten smaller plants.

The electricity supply to the property had also been bypassed.

Cousins was arrested and admitted responsibility for the plants.

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